Day Services

Meta Centre currently operates five day program locations in the Greater Toronto Area.

Our DAY Services focus on empowering and enhancing the quality of life of each participant.  Curriculum's designed by qualified staff identify the appropriate skill level and interest of each participant.

Our activities include:  integration, volunteering, recreation/leisure, and health and wellness.

INTEGRATION activities teach and encourage individuals to use community resources such as grocery and personal shopping facilities, libraries, and healthcare.

VOLUNTEER activities include collaborate efforts with school programs, nursing  homes, food banks, and meals on wheels.

RECREATION & LEISURE activities offer visits to historical sites, theaters, festivals, exhibits, and general city excursions.

Keen on fitness, we involve interested participants in basketball, bocce, baseball, floor hockey and volley games as well as participating in tournaments for each!

HEALTH & WELLNESS includes psychologist , psychiatrist, speech language pathologist, holistic therapist, behaviour therapist and social workers.

For information about the Day Service at our Toronto, Vaughan and Richmond Hill Day location please contact Johnathan Pathmanathan at

For information about the Scarborough Day Service please contact Audrey Daley at

Residential Services

Meta Centre operates 21 homes that are:

  • Comfortable & family-like
  • Well maintained and spacious
  • Offer personal privacy and social engagement
  • Staffed to support the variable needs of our residents in the GTA.

Each of our homes offer individuals the opportunity to pursue personal interests without unwanted or unwarranted intrusion from others.  Meta Centre cares for and maintains the personal property of its residents with storage space for clothing and possessions.

Individual bedrooms have an exterior window and coverings, and furnished with appropriately sized bed, mattress, and bedding according to season and weather.

Nutritional needs and meal preparations are based on the Canadian Food Guide and recognize the cultural diversities of individuals.  Residents participate in cooking, baking and upkeep of their home to enhance living skills and encourage a sense of responsibility and ownership.

All repairs to our buildings are professionally managed and completed as sanctioned by municipal and provincial building code stipulations.  Measures and vigilance to minimize and manage any risks to the health and safety of residents and staff are closely monitored.

Safety and cleanliness of the homes are a priority.  Each home has a recreation area; and exits marked and kept clear at all times.  Appliances and furnishings are kept clean and in good condition.  Hazardous household products are stored and used safely.

For further information, please contact Robert Passaro, 416.736.0199 ext.334,

Supported Independent Living

Meta Centre provides support to individuals living in near-independence in the community.  Our SIL support assists individuals with daily living skills (banking, shopping, menu planning and food preparation, and household chores).  Supported Independent Living offers regular care and monitoring for current as well as former SIL participants living independently in the community.

For further information, please contact Robert Passaro, 416.736.0199 ext.334,

Respite Services

Respite care is a support service offering families and caregivers temporary relief from the physical and emotional demands inherent in caring for a loved one with special needs; while creating opportunities for the individual to learn and participate with others socially and in community activities.

Saturday Services

• Recreation and leisure based

• Youth services: Richmond Hill location

• Adult services: Toronto location

For further information, please contact Lana Cianfrini, 416-736-0199 ext 337 or Email:

Sunday Services

Theme based programs that take place on the 3rd Sunday of every month excluding July and August.

Off site Evening Program

Programming available Tuesday and Thursday evenings at off site locations.

For further information, please contact Lana Cianfrini, 416.736.0199 ext.337,

Summer Services JULY and AUGUST


  • Toronto or York region


extended hours program

META offers extended day program services at our Toronto and Vaughan locations.

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